Natural gas production at Western Siberia fields began in 2009 when brought on-stream. Ojsc Innogeo achieved a level of production that allowed it to maintain a fiscally rational balance between oil exports and throughput at the company's refineries. In previous years, a portion of oil and gas processed at its refineries had to be purchased from other producers, but now most exports and refining are supplied from Ojsc Innogeo own crude.

Production growth is mainly the result of employing modern production technology, maintaining old wells more effectively and improving the quality of new wells.

Oil Well Productivity;

In developing its fields, Ojsc Innogeo strives to strike a balance between work on old and new oil wells.


Some of its younger fields, such as Moscow and Western Siberia region, were drilled using grids of horizontal wells that were designed after a full-scale geological exploration program and detailed field development modeling. Ojsc Innogeo is the leader in horizontal drilling in Western Siberia. The company drilled several wells in 2013. The productivity of wells is even greater if hydro fracturing is employed, with output reaching in some cases up to 6,000 tons per day.


At oilfields where the peak of production has already passed, secondary methods of enhanced oil recovery are employed. Ojsc Innogeo goal is to increase the reserve recovery ratio (RRR) up to 17% from the current 22% by 2018. Well work over options for old wells includes hydro fracturing and sidetracking. Ojsc Innogeo carried out several hydro fracturing operations per year in 2011-2016. The Western Siberia field, for example, is currently being developed using large-scale hydro fracturing in vertical wells.


Ojsc Innogeo can already boast that its future production centers will be more geographically diverse. Western Siberia is the “historical” production center, while the area around the Moscow oilfield and a group of license blocks acquired in early 2014 is set to become the growth rate leader. By 2018, production at Western Siberia oilfield is expected to reach 22% of the company’s total production.

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