Industrial safety, labor protection, prevention of work-related injuries and occupational diseases are mandatory key priorities for the Company.

Ojsc Innogeo believes that the only way to prevent unnecessary risks to workers’ health and safety is to strictly follow all industrial, fire, electric and radiation safety requirements, particularly the conditions, restrictions and security measures listed in the Federal Law “On Industrial Safety at Hazardous Industrial Facilities”, other federal laws and regulatory documents of the Russian Federation, as well as technical regulations.


The events developed and supported by the Company include observance of all regulatory requirements listed above as a mandatory component.

Managing sustainable development

The Company manages its operations to achieve the right security level by developing and implementing organizational and management decisions, including incorporation of low-hazard solutions to the Company’s technical operations. Developing adequate professional risk management mechanisms is a key priority for the Company. We see the solution to this objective in using forecasting instruments, implementing measures for preventing accidents, emergencies and injuries.

Industrial safety

To achieve safe industrial operations, the Company implements the following measures:

Strict observance of state and industry-specific regulatory documents related to industrial safety and labor protection;


Planning a set of measures to prevent accidents at hazardous production facilities, localizing and liquidating consequences of accidents, preventing workplace injuries, reducing the number and severity of harmful industrial impacts on the human health;


Constant improvement of production processes, monitoring and improving reliability of technical devices and facilities used, reducing the number of jobs with harmful working conditions.

Labor protection.

The issues of labor protection are an ongoing priority for the Company, in strict compliance with the regulatory requirements. The issues of human safety as a valuable asset, industrial safety and appropriate working conditions are examined from the legal, social, economic, organizational, technical and other aspects to achieve our primary goal – preserving employees’ health and ensuring growth of productivity.



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